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Why Freelancers Thrive in Shared Office Spaces

Posted on December 27, 2016 by Franco Alvarez


A co-working space and freelancers are a match made in today’s working age. These two can be considered as the present trend of working. The idea of work-life balance and the perks of diverse groups in a communal environment have captured the interest of many people who prefer it over the traditional setup of offices.

Freelancers benefit the most from the co-working trend, especially now that this group of professionals are growing. In fact, an Intuit study said that 40% of the workforce will be comprised of freelancers, solopreneurs, temps, and independent contractors by 2020. As the freelancing industry grows, so does co-working.

Let’s take a look at how these two go hand in hand perfectly.

1. No Distractions


Image source: Mind Works

Working from home has a lot of distractions that can greatly affect freelancers’ work hours. Kids could be noisy playing, crying, and fighting. The television is a temptation to watch interesting series. Your bed seems to tease you to slumber.

At home, you can always find reasons to procrastinate. But with co-working spaces, these distractions are eliminated to help you work without temptations.

2. Work with Distinctive Communities


Image source: Brit+Co

In co-working spaces, freelancers work best with communities who share the same interests with them. You may not work for the same projects, but the idea of sharing a space is enough to interact and discuss recent trends or the next gig in town.

Every co-working space has a unique vibe, and freelancers can feel it. This leads to a fun working environment where each one can mingle and be comfortable to be with.

3. Ensured Security


Image source: Limnu

Every kind of work requires security, privacy, and data confidentiality. It’s important for freelancing in which you work with various types of clients—each one has a work secret or two to keep.

Working at public spaces is a threat to data security especially when connecting to the Internet using a public access which is prone to hacking. At a co-working office, you get the security you need. From professional lock systems to password-protected files, your work is kept confidential no matter what.

4. Networking and Collaboration Opportunities


Image source: MyCityWeb

Since co-working spaces put you in the same spot with professionals from different industries, the chance to network and collaborate in future projects is big. Co-working spaces can serve as a gathering hub for networking events where you can take part in to meet potential clients and other work partnerships. You can think of co-working spaces as a bar lounge but for business purposes.

5. Access to Office Facilities


Image source: Channel News Asia

Since freelancing is a profession in which you work with various clients and requirements, access to necessary facilities such as free coffee, desks and tables, comfortable chairs, personal cabinet, copying machines, meeting and discussion areas, and conference rooms with projectors are a must. Working from home and public spaces can only guarantee limited facilities, and it won’t do good when it comes to productivity.

With co-working offices, you have the space to work with the facilities you need on an on-demand basis.

6. A More Meaningful and Controlled Work


Image source: HRM Asia

Co-working spaces helps you work according to your preferences: work in a quiet area, work alone, or work with an interactive community. It provides a loose structure so you can adjust your schedule to fit your other responsibilities and interests.


A shared office space offers opportunities where you can work and be productive. In today’s era where freelancing is a career, it will be a great experience to share a space together with a diverse workforce that you may count on.

Pursuant to this, Foxhole aims to help freelancers and businesses thrive and be successful in what they do. Being accustomed to a standard working environment may not fully uphold your potential and experience so you should choose what’s best for you. Consider co-working spaces to see the difference.

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Franco Alvarez

Franco has always had a passion for entrepreneurship. Even at a very young age, he would constantly find an opportunity to make a little cash on the side. May it be selling women’s bracelets made out of safety pins and cheap stones or writing research papers for his rich classmates who didn’t want to study, he took advantage of each chance he got. Now, as a father of three and a full-time entrepreneur, he believes that there is always an opportunity to be of service to your fellow businessman. All you need to have is the right intention, and the proper skill set to be of help to others. In his downtime, he and his wife find new things to distract their kids with.