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A Visual Guide to Filipino Office Etiquette and Culture [w/ INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted on March 23, 2017 by Franco Alvarez


Work and office cultures are staggeringly different in every country. The Philippine work environment has a business custom that stems from Filipino values of hospitality, friendliness, and family-orientedness.

In fact, HSBC’s 2016 Expat Explorer Survey ranked the Philippines as number one in terms of having more active social lives. The 2015 version of the same survey also reported that majority of expats in the Philippines (57%) had found their work to be more fulfilling since relocating, with around two-thirds (65%) saying they are integrating well with the local community.

Whether a Filipino works in an executive office, a manufacturing plant, or a government agency, there’s a common workplace etiquette that transcends industries.


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Office etiquette and culture play an important role in any business setting, and Filipinos prove to place great emphasis on such. Because of these, it’s important then for company executives and HR personnel who work with or intend to work with Filipinos to take note of their distinct executive office etiquette to learn about what they want, need, and value in the workplace.

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Franco Alvarez

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