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Best Accessories for shared office spaces

Posted on April 2, 2018 by Monika Visenio

Best Accessories for Shared Work Spaces


Noise Cancelling Earphones

Although one of the perks of coworking spaces is the dynamic and social environment it encourages, you sometimes want quiet time to be alone with your thoughts. Noise cancelling earphones are perfect for tuning out the ambient sounds to help you focus at the job at hand, and you can also listen to your favorite playlists that get you going. These Audio Technica Quiet Point Active Noise Cancelling In-Ear Headphones do the job well, plus they’re pretty affordable too, coming in below P2,000.


Desk Calendar

When working in a shared space, you might find it difficult to restart each day with a new space. Find a desk calendar that’ll keep you on track with what needs to be done for the day and what lies ahead for the rest of the week. Just whip it out, set it on your desk, and easily pick up where you left off the day before. Get one of these motivational desk calendar from Doodlelove on Etsy.

Collapsible or Insulated Water Bottle

Most coworking spaces have their own pantry with basic supplies, including a water dispenser. Minimize your trips to the water cooler by bringing your own water bottle. You can bring a Klean Kanteen insulated bottle to keep drinks cool or get the Platypus Meta Bottle that collapses when not in use for optimal storage.


Power Strip

Sometimes, you’ll find yourself at a desk or work area with a limited number of outlets that you’ll have to share. Stretch the usage of one outlet and bring your own power strip. Bring a compact power strip that have options for electrical plugs and USB ports so you can power all your devices all at once. This one from Belkin offers three outlets and two USB ports, plus the main plug can swivel, making it flexible for any outlet situation.


Portable Laptop Stand

Some may find desks too low for their laptops and cause severe backspins due to bad posture. Regardless of where you find yourself working, this portable laptop stand ensures you’re positioning is ergonomically correct and your laptop is at eye level. What’s great about this laptop stand is that it folds flat and fits in a bag or a laptop sleeve.


Portable Desk

Coworking spaces usually have nice lounge areas that give you a break from the usual cubicle and desk set-up. This portable desk is perfect for keeping your laptop level, providing good air circulation, and providing space for note taking or using a mouse.


Pen Pouch

This slim pen pouch is a super professional version of your elementary pencil case. Keep all your pens in here so you don’t have to dig around your bag for a pen just to write something down. Big bonus is its sleek and cool design, perfect for any professional. Get one in your preferred color at mochithings.com


Cable Bag / Cord Organizer

Being mobile means you’ll be lugging around wires and cables to keep your devices charged. Instead of dumping them all in one bag, use a Grid-It organizer that keeps each cord and adapter in its own space. Storing them flat allows for better usage of space in your bag, and you can find exactly what you need in one look.

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