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Anatomy of an Office Space that Boosts Productivity

Posted on January 3, 2017 by Franco Alvarez


Employees work for 8-9 hours daily, each with varying routines to accomplish deadlines and tasks. It’s no secret that stress and pressure come in the line of duty and can affect an employee’s overall productivity. As a solution, office spaces must provide a wave of creativity and a relaxing atmosphere to help boost productivity among employees.

The way you design your office space can contribute to increased efficiency. A Gensler study revealed that since 2008, workplace effectivity has decreased because of uneven office spaces. Thus, office planning is more than just the physical structure. It plays an important role in shaping employee’s happiness and satisfaction.

If you think of office spaces, you’re thinking of innovative changes for your company. A lot of workplace trends are becoming popular in the market to fit types of companies and freelancers who have varying working styles and needs. Keep in mind that a good working environment is equal to greater work outputs and increased productivity.

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Franco Alvarez

Franco has always had a passion for entrepreneurship. Even at a very young age, he would constantly find an opportunity to make a little cash on the side. May it be selling women’s bracelets made out of safety pins and cheap stones or writing research papers for his rich classmates who didn’t want to study, he took advantage of each chance he got. Now, as a father of three and a full-time entrepreneur, he believes that there is always an opportunity to be of service to your fellow businessman. All you need to have is the right intention, and the proper skill set to be of help to others. In his downtime, he and his wife find new things to distract their kids with.